Switzerland Brings Xtra to Texas

Switzerland Brings Xtra to Texas

The Swiss Government is bringing Xtra to businesses and universities in Texas and has targeted the state to promote the country’s core business values and strengths. The Swiss have always seen the benefit of being Xtra and consistently pushing boundaries, innovating, and exceeding expectations. Recently listed as the world’s most innovative country for the thirteenth consecutive year by the UN WIPO’s Global Innovation Index, Switzerland sees Texas as a natural business partner.

The new X marks the spot campaign will promote Switzerland as an invaluable partner offering Xtra solutions to take Texas businesses and universities that Xtra mile. Whether companies are looking for European Xpansion, innovation Xperts, global Xposure, an Xtraordrinary talent pool, or Xceeding their business goals, Switzerland is the spot to help Texans be Xtra and thrive.

“I am excited by this new campaign to work more closely with Texas businesses and universities,” said Jacques Pitteloud, Swiss Ambassador to the U.S. “Switzerland has a large and highly skilled talent pool and has recently been named the ‘World’s Best Country’ by U.S. News and World Report. Combined with our shared values and Swiss innovation, we can provide Texans an Xtra edge for success. We also believe that being Xtra will lead to more profitable, resilient, and sustainable businesses.”

“Our integrated marketing campaign takes a fresh look at the iconic cross on the Swiss flag, pivoting it to reveal an eye-catching X, marking it the spot for innovation, talent, research, and high quality of life for Texas businesses and universities,” said Alexandre Edelmann, head of Presence Switzerland. “There’s an X in our campaign and the name of Texas. However, much more is in common between the Lone Star state and the centrally-located European country. Both have a shared “can-do attitude” and the desire to innovate and truly thrive in business and life.”

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