Scene & Be Seen – An Urban Eden

By Paige Kerley / May 5, 2017 / Avid Golfer

If you are on a strict time schedule, I’d steer clear of Dolce Riviera. It’s not because of the service (which is excellent), or the kitchen (also excellent), but because once you arrive at this gorgeously chic Mediterranean eatery, the Provencal lifestyle takes over and you can’t resist relaxing in this open-air oasis.

Dolce Riviera is Harwood Hospitality Group’s newest addition to their growing number of eateries in their eponymous district. Currently, the Harwood District boasts seven bars and/or restaurants in their slice of the city that stretches between Uptown, Victory Park and Downtown Dallas. It’s a bustling part of town, and if the packed tables at Dolce Riviera mean anything, it’s not likely slowing down soon.

Despite its busy location, one of the most magical things about this coastal Italian restaurant is how time passes without your knowing in this intimate space. Right from entering, the large palms overhead and oversized lanterns tucked in the steps of the walkway transport you away from the city and into a bright and breezy outdoor space. Large pergolas divide the patio into quiet nooks for smaller gatherings and a bigger dining area that beckons large tables of friends and family. The towering palms that greet you at the entrance of the restaurant are filed along the entireborder of the patio area to create a verdant blockade of the outside world.