Colorful new artwork claims to be first ‘AR’ mural in Uptown Dallas

By Teresa Gubbins / January 29, 2021 / CultureMap

Colorful new artwork claims to be first ‘AR’ mural in Uptown Dallas

Dallas real estate developer Harwood International has debuted a new mural at Citymark On The Katy Trail, which they describe in a release as the first “augmented reality” mural in Uptown.

The developer worked with local artist Kyle Steed, Artist Uprising, and Belmont Creative to create an engaging, interactive experience.

This mural stands 12 feet high and 18 feet long and is located across from Reverchon Park on the Katy Trail.

The interactive element seems to be that visitors can interact with the mural on a smartphone.

Artist Uprising CEO Merrick Porchéddu says in a statement that it took an entire team to make it happen.

“Our team of animators, under the direction of Magdiel Lopez, worked to create a vibrant and exploratory creation, which was then augmented by Belmont Creative to be the first AR art mural in Uptown,” she says.

Steed says the mural fulfills his desire to bring a sense of movement into his work.

“Not only that but color and playfulness are important,” he says. “The wonderful thing about this project, though, is that I was able to combine all these elements together.”

Harwood International marketing director Jessica Young Reid calls it a “great addition to the arts and engagement programme throughout the Harwood District.”

The Harwood District is filled with countless pieces of artwork from architecture to samurai art and armor which can be admired throughout the District’s lobbies and The Ann & Gabriel Barbier-Mueller Museum: The Samurai Collection.