Hôtel Swexan

Set to open in the summer of 2023, Hôtel Swexan will serve as the crown jewel of the more-walkable-than-ever 19-city block Harwood District.

Hôtel Swexan

2575 McKinnon Street, Dallas, Texas 75201


Hôtel Swexan’s moniker stands for “Swiss meets Texan,” inspired by Harwood International founders’ multi-generational Swiss-Texan family heritage. Operated by Harwood Hospitality Group with a collective of 100 years of experience, the destination represents a complete expression of the group’s five-decade-long vision for the Harwood neighborhood in Dallas. The hotel’s design is reflective of the founders’ travels and passion for art and design, offering guests an immersive European-inspired journey throughout the multi-faceted, transformative spaces.

Hôtel Swexan will bring the neighborhood world-class culinary, entertainment, and cultural experiences layered throughout the building. Designed with all generations in mind, the hotel will play host to an eclectic mix of personalities where locals and visitors collide.